I’ve worked with big national brands and small local shops. They all have a story to tell.

And here are the hats I’ve worn while helping these brands tell their story. Worked as a designer, developer, ersatz copywriter and illustrator, but my time as creative director has allowed me to combine them all and direct nimble teams to succeed. I’ve learned from each of these opportunities.

Post Planner
Creative Director, 2015—2018

Post Planner is a social media startup helping marketers find and post smart, high-performing content. I guided the company through a major transition from single-focus app, only accessible within Facebook, to an open web app targeting all social networks. I worked with the company founder and the CMO and CTO to determine major branding initiatives. I directed all design within the company, from brand and marketing to the app itself. I designed two iterations of the app for web and mobile, and directed a team of designers and developers to create the website, email and marketing campaigns within the Hubspot platform.
All projects were internal to Post Planner.

Creative Director, 2013—2015

Aericon is a small design firm in Boston offering the services of a full-size agency for less cost, more efficiency, high quality and personal attention. I worked with clients to discover their business need, map their customer journey, generate concepts, and design and direct the development of websites, landing pages, mobile apps, email campaigns, and brand identity.
Our clients included: PayPal, Decision Resources Group, Upromise, Direxxis, DaCast, Izicap, Post Planner, MassTLC, and Fragomen.

Pod Design
Design Director, 2005—2013

Pod Design was the premier Boston agency for branded entertainment and interactive Flash. We won MITX awards against much larger agencies in every year of our existence (which ended on a similar timeline to Flash), and I designed or developed at least half of everything that went out the door. Typical projects included an interactive Ouija board that spelled out answers to users’ questions; a digital slot machine spinning clams, pearls, starfish and lots of seaweed; and a first-person shooter game using water pistols and a skateboarding monkey.
Our clients included: Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Sony, National Geographic, Nordstrom, A&E TV, Discovery Channel, Puma, Nerf, Game Show Network, WGBH, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Big Bad, Cramer, e-Tractions, Bridgeline
Designer, 2000—2005

I kicked around Boston agencies during the lean post-2000 startup crash years. My combination of design and development skills kept me in demand. I built my own personal website filled with original Flash games, and won a MITX Award for it — beating out The Boston Globe and WGBH that year!

2009: MITX Awards for Best Engagement and Best Entertainment (Expedition Africa)

2008: MITX Award for Best Engagement (Andromeda Strain)

2006: Webby Award finalist for Best Children’s site (Beacon Street Girls)

2005: MITX Award for Best Entertainment (The Corpse Bride)

2005: MITX Award for Best Corporate Demo (Omgeo ALERT)

2005: Marketing Sherpa Hall of Fame (Mona Lisa Makeover)

2004: NBC News national media highlight (Mona Lisa Makeover)

2003: MITX Award for Best Campaign Microsite (PTC)

2002: MITX Award for Best Entertainment (Cartoon Moon)